Edmontonas Latviešu Biedrība IMANTA, Kanādas visvecākā aktīvā latviešu biedrība, tika dibināta 1947. gadā. Musu oficiālā darbības valoda ir angļu valoda, lai labāk iesaistītu un informētu visas latviešu paaudzes.

The Edmonton Latvian Society IMANTA, Canada’s oldest active Latvian society, was founded in 1947. In order to accommodate and include all Latvians and those of Latvian heritage, our official language of business is English.

The Edmonton Latvian Society IMANTA, Canada’s oldest active Latvian society, was founded in 1947. In order to accommodate and include all Latvians and those of Latvian heritage, our official language of business is English.

IMANTA is an organization of people of Latvian heritage living in Alberta.  Whether you’re a new Latvian moving to Edmonton, have one Great-great-great grandparent who was Latvian, if you’re married to one (bless you!), or if you are simply curious about who Latvians are and what they like to do, give us a shout or leave a message on the blog.

Check back regularly for updates on IMANTA’s events, news, and activities for members. Email imantaedmonton@gmail.com for more information.


  1. Hey there, my Latvian linkages in Edmonton!

    You need to change the purpose statement for Imanta as shown on the website. Since I joined during Ligo, and I live in Oregon, your organization is now INTERNATIONAL in scope! Think BIG – Latvians are hiding everywhere ! ! !

    Best to all, Phil Lapin

  2. To whom it may concern:

    My name is Daniel Skepple and I’m the associate head coach of the men’s basketball team at Kings University in Edmonton, Alberta.

    Recently the basketball team was approached by a Latvian player who is interested in attending University in Edmonton and playing on the basketball team at Kings. His name is Janis Assers and he is currently in Edmonton and is applying to Kings University. This student athlete will be accepted at Kings but will need some financial assistance yearly for him to complete his education. His has some funds to attend school ($9000) but will need additional funds. We can also provide him some scholarship money from the athletic department.

    I was wondering if there are scholarships or sponsors in the Latvian community in Edmonton that would be willing to assist this athlete pursuing his education in Canada. As his English improving I’m also looking for a translator until Janis becomes more confident in English.

    As I mentioned Janis is currently in Edmonton and is available to be interviewed if this required.

    Coach Skepple

  3. Imanta nevaid miris,
    Viņš tikai apburts kluss –
    No darbošanām rimis,
    Zem Zilā kalna dus’.

    Tam zelta pilī snaužot,
    Tas zobens nesarūs’,
    Kurš, dzelzu bruņas laužot,
    Kā liesma kļuvis būs.

    Par simtiem gadiem reizi,
    Mazs rūķīts augšā nāk
    Un apskatās, vai migla
    Ap kalnu nodzist sāk.

    Un, kamēr zilo miglu
    Ap Zilo kalnu redz,
    Tik ilgam tūkstoš gadus,
    Gan viņu zeme sedz!

    Bet reizi Pērkoņ’dēli
    Tai kalnā lodes spersl
    Tad bēdzīs visi jodi;
    Pēc zobena tas ķers.

    Un saules meitas nācīs
    Un miglu projām trauks,
    Un gaismas laika balsis
    Imantu ārā sauks!

  4. I need to find more info about Imantra and how I can join. My dad and his family came from Riga, Latvia in 1926 and they have all passed on and I have no know relatives (but my grandmother was one of 11- so I have to have relatives!!) I have lots of info about them but know nothing of their families. I have so many awesom pictures in the early 1900’s of Latvian people with writing on the back- in Latvian. I need help!!! I’ve managed to find the ships manifesto when they came to Canada and was able to go into a Latvian website and see the actual church records when my grandfather was born in 1896!!! How awesome is that?? Still I feel lost with no known relatives!! My family settled in the Lake Isle area and my grandfather was a carpenter but they eventually had a farm in Rochfort Bridge. Any help would be wonderful. Thank you. Zarins

    1. Dear Glenda I just found your posting today and wish to let you know that I am sure my parents and yours were pals. My parents names were Jack and Selma Osolin and we had the Lake Isle store from the years ’42 to ’53.
      I also have a few pictures that may or may not include your family..
      I would be glad to hear from you. Take care.
      Gladys Bacon ghbacon@shaw.ca

  5. Sveiki, mani sauc Darta un es dziivoju Albertaa. Esmu preceejusies ar Kanaadieti, kursh maak runaat ljoti labi latvieshu valodaa, jo Latvijaa pavadiija visus savus tiineidzhera gadus. Mums ir triis deeli kuriem censhamies maaciit latvieshu valodu. Vai juusu latvieshu biedriibaa ir kaadas klases latvieshu valodaa beerniem? Vai ir kaadas latvieshu nometnes? Vai jums ir kaads latvieshu veikals? Man ir daudz jautaajumu.


  6. Sveiki!
    Es ar viiru plaanojam paarvaakties uz kaadu laiku uz kanaadu. Domaajaam vai ir kaada paliidziibas organizaacija, kas paliidz ar darbaa iekaartoshanos un dziivokla atrashanu. paldies, Sandija

  7. Hi

    We are a small audio production company based in Edmonton, AB in search for native Latvian speakers whose Latvian is their mother language without any accent.

    We have occasional projects for which we need male and female narrators to read various text
    in a recording studio.

    The narrator should be a fluent reader and have a good pronunciation and expression.

    The job pays $20 per hour on average.

    There would be an initial meeting/audition to record a short 60 second demo of his/her voice.

    There could also be other potential projects coming up.

    Interested people please contact us via e-mail: dr@octavoproductions.com

    Looking forward to hearing from you.


  8. Hello – we are moving from Calgary to Vancouver Island and have some Latvian books. Is there anyone who may be interested in them. Valdis

  9. I am caregiver to an elderly Latvian woman who has no surviving relatives in Canada. She has many Latvian books of different genres that she is concerned about as she is in very poor health and doesn’t expect to live much longer. We live in Prince Albert Saskatchean but I go to Edmonton several times a year. Would your society take these books as a donation from her? Her name is Hildegarde Lejins…She, her husband Zigurds and son Janis came to Canada in the early 1950’s. As I said she has no surviving relatives or friends that know the language and it would be a pity to throw away these books after she dies.

    1. Hi Judy

      I was looking for something else on the net and came across your post.

      I am Hildegard’s nephew and live in Australia.

      My father had kept in close touch with his brother (Zigurds) but he died nearly 20 years ago. My family lost touch with Hildegard after my cousin Janis died.

      Could you please let me know how Hildegard fared so I can let my own family know.

      Thank you for the obvious kindness you have shown my Aunt.

      Zig Lejins

  10. Sveiks visiem
    Esmu Latvietis no Brazilija, tagad dzivoju Kalgary. Vai jus zinat ja ir latvieties Kalgary?
    Visu Labu
    Elton Janševskis

  11. Hi fellow Latvians!

    I am new to Edmonton, and was hoping to get involved within the Latvian community out here, was wondering if their were any choirs, or dance groups? Im from Ottawa, where the community was small, but i very much liked being a part of it. Do people get together to do Latvian related things? Im having a bit of trouble navigating this website, not sure if Im missing something. My name is Jen, and my email is jenflynnbird@gmail.com, thanks 🙂 🙂

  12. Hi!

    My family and I are moving to Riga in mid-June for a couple of years. We would like to ship a few boxes of personal belongings and I’m wondering if anyone has contacts for shipping personal items to Latvia.

    If you have information could you please send it to breakwell19@gmail.com

    Thank you


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